Yoga Hairstyles for Long Hair

Yogis with long locks know that sometimes practice can be interrupted by necessary adjustments to hair. A ponytail can only hang on for so many sun salutations before it starts to loosen and slide out. Here are a few tips for yogis with long hair to keep their locks looking good and staying put during the practice.

1. Balance.

Hair that is gathered back into one segment can sometimes get in the way. If the gathering is pulled directly to the back of the head, it can be uncomfortable for poses that require you to lie down. Turning your head to one side or the other can mess with your body equilibrium, and trying to balance your head directly on the elastic band can be a challenge and a pain. A tempting solution is to move the gathering up higher onto the top of your head, but if you are wearing it in a pony or a braid, this can flip into your face.

Any practice that includes repetitive flows can quickly turn into an unnecessary challenge of completing a forward bend without getting whipped in the face! An alternative solution is to split your hair down the middle and gather the segments into two ponytails, pig-tail braids or buns. This creates a balanced feel, and it also places the elastic bands into places on your head that will not interfere with most poses.

2. Put it in a bun.

If pig-tails aren’t for you, try a ballerina-style bun. The key to making this work in yoga is to put the bun all the way on the top of your head and secure it; however, works best for you. One way to secure the bun is to use bobby pins to tuck in the edges of the bun. If this isn’t for you, try using a second elastic band to hold it in place.

Giving the bun a little extra support goes a long way, and it will certainly be worth it when your bun stays put during downward-facing dog!

3. Braid crown.

If you’re a yogi with a little extra time before practice, another option is to create a simple braid crown. Gather all your hair into one segment just beside one ear. Braid your hair and secure it with an elastic band. Then trace the braid around your head, creating a crown. Secure the crown with pins. The braid crown gives a beautiful effect, making you look like the yoga goddess you are while keeping your long locks out of the way of your practice.

4. Accessorize with headbands or hair wraps.

For the low maintenance yogi, try adding an accessory that will look cute and keep that hair out of your face. Be sure to choose a headband that is firm enough to stay in place but loose enough to be forgotten.

Try a few styles, and see what feels best!

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