What Workout Clothes Do You Need to Start Practicing Yoga?

You’ve finally made the decision to commit to spending some time on the mat more regularly. New yogis can be quickly overwhelmed by all of the things they need to learn: names of poses, the purpose of all the equipment, and even all of the options when it comes to selecting an outfit. If you want to move through your sequence with the ease of a seasoned yogi, what do you need to know about what to wear?

Clothing manufacturers flood the shelves with various styles of yoga apparel; and options for different fabrics, cuts, lengths, and more. Once your practice has evolved and reached a point of comfort, you may have a better feel for the types of clothes that are well-suited to your style of yoga. Until then, it helps to keep a few general guidelines in mind regarding what workout clothing you really need to get started.

All yogis need to find a comfortable pair of workout pants to practice in. Shorts are difficult to wear for a yoga practice because they leave lots of skin exposed, which can be slippery during a sweaty practice. A good pair of workout pants, whether you opt for yoga leggings or yoga pants, is a must-have item to get started.

Yoga leggings tend to be the preferred choice because they fit snugly around the legs instead of bunching or stretching out. This allows you to see whether you are practicing with the proper alignment. The fabric, typically a spandex-type material, also allows your skin to breathe during a particularly warm practice. If the leggings are designed to be ankle-length, ensure that they don’t cover any part of your heel.

You can find a wide variety of leggings to meet your particular style standards, which includes: high waist capri leggings for women, patterned ankle-length pants, and even leggings with built-in shapewear.

Next, you will want to find a comfortable top that allows you to flow through poses without skin exposure. Many yogis prefer athletic tops that fit snugly to avoid unnecessary exposure during inversions or forward bends. You want to be able to still breathe and move comfortably even if the top errs toward the tighter side of things.

Alternatively, some women prefer to simply wear a full-coverage sports bra underneath a looser-fitting shirt to ensure that nothing is exposed. This allows yogis to experiment with many modern fashion trends including flowing tunics and crop tops.

Remember that each yoga practice is going to be unique. You may move through several phases throughout the practice as you build heat and then settle into a gentler stretching phase. It’s always a good idea to consider bringing a light sweater or some other layers that can be quickly swapped during your practice.

Comfort is the ultimate consideration for any yoga outfit. Your practice should allow you to focus on the pose and on your intention. If an outfit causes a distraction for you with the need for constant readjustment, you may need to go back to browsing the selection for new options.

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