Organic Yoga Clothing for All

Hitherto, we have always associated the term ‘organic’ with food items and plant growth. However, you will be amazed to know that it is possible to link it to clothing too. Yes, practitioners of yoga are going for organic clothing in a big way.

Traditional Clothing for Yoga

You are well aware that plants are responsible for giving us the raw materials for preparing cloth. Farmers, who tend these plants, go in for all kinds of herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides in the name of pest control. These toxic materials definitely find their way into plant products. When you wear apparel prepared from cloth containing poisonous substances, you cannot expect your wellbeing to remain unharmed.
Similarly, when workers at textile mills spin raw materials into cloth, they take recourse to several processes. Harsh chemicals, including chemical dyes, come into play here. You can well imagine what will happen when your skin encounters these chemicals, especially when sweating causes clothes to cling to your body.

Considering, that, you are deep into yoga practices for maintaining good health, it seems rather ironic that you are being so careless about other things that destroy health in a gradual manner. Change your mindset immediately. Ditch traditional clothing and decide to Go Green!

Organic Clothing for Yoga

Every kind of health program, including yoga, promotes organic living. Towards this end, it would be advisable to ditch traditional clothing and opt for farm-raised/grown/produced materials. Organic farmers grow these materials, especially cotton, in a natural manner, amidst healthy surroundings. Then again, the products are free from pesticides/herbicides/insecticides. This should make you feel good about adhering to the principles of maintaining peace and unity with Mother Nature, as outlined by yoga.

Admittedly, you cannot wear synthetic materials while practicing yoga exercises. Regardless of weather or season, you must don loose cotton clothing at every session. The material should feel smooth, soft and comfortable. Organic cotton will prevent skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. You need not even worry about versatility or durability. Even apparel made from chemical-free cloth promises both.

Yes, organic yoga clothing may prove somewhat expensive in comparison to traditional yoga clothing. However, this pricing is justified. Note that the farmer needs to take extra and loving care to grow organic plants. He cannot mass-produce them as quickly as the farmer of inorganic farming does his plants. He prepares his fertilizers manually and differently. Such massive efforts are bound to raise costs. However, you can take comfort in the fact that your organic yoga clothing will prove quite cost effective in the end.

Benefits of Wearing Organic Yoga Clothing

The most important thing required for the healthy practice of yoga is concentration. When you don comfortable clothing, your mind feels free to focus on each exercise to the maximum. Over time, your mind, body, and spirit will come into perfect alignment once again.

Another benefit is that your decision is contributing towards the development of a chemical-free environment. You are indirectly keeping people and animals safe from harmful exposure, by forcing the farmer to adopt healthier methods of growing plants.

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